Intro to realQM

realQM is a model of an atom or ion as a kernel of positive charge Z surrounded by N negatively charges electrons interacting by Coulombic forces, which has the form of a classical continuum mechanical model in three space dimensions (plus time), more precisely as a free boundary problem for a non-linear system of  partial differential equations in N non-overlapping electronic charge densities, se details here.

realQM gives a different generalisation to N>1 of Schrödinger’s equation for the Hydrogen atom with N=1 than the standard quantum mechanics presented in books, which we refer to as stdQM and has the form of a linear partial differential equation for a wave function depending on 3N space dimensions.

realQM can be interpreted as deterministic physics in real 3d space, while stdQM has a non-physical statistical meaning according to the Copenhagen Interpretation in 3N dimensional “configuration space”.

realQM is computable, as a system in 3d, while stdQM is uncomputable because of its 3N dimensions.

realQM is a model in the spirit of Schrödinger, who insisted that atom models like classical models of continuum mechanics and electro-magnetics must be “Anschaulich” and have a physical meaning in three space dimensions.  Schrödinger never accepted the non-physical statistical interpretation by Bohr-Born-Heisenberg which took over the scene completely leaving a disillusioned Schrödinger outside in the cold.

What would Schrödinger have said about realQM? Did he investigate such a line of thought, or was he so discouraged that it did not enter his mind?