realQM is an attempt to restart as requested in Schrödinger’s Original Interpretation of the Schrödinger Equation: A Rescue Attempt by Jon Dorling in the book Schrödinger – Centenary Celebration of a Polymath by Kilmister: :

  • Schrödinger initially proposed his equation as a classical theory of matter wave directly analogous to Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetic waves. \vert\psi\vert^2 represented a classical charge density…this is a theory of coupled classical fields with no probabilities entering its interpretation and from a modern point of view can be thought in terms of the coupled Dirac and Maxwell fields.
  • This original theory of Schrödinger met standards of objectivity, realism and picturability  which have not been obtained by any of the versions of quantum theory which preceded it. As in the case of any provisionally discarded theory which posessed attractive features lacked by its immediate successors, the historian and philosopher of physics must ask wether there is still a possibility that one day in the future such a theory may be revived and reinstated. 
  • For we have not, I believe, yet found any entirely satisfactory interpretation of the quantum formalism, and it is therefore ultimately a matter of scientific taste which programmatic interpretation, together with its so far unresolved special difficulties and conjectural solutions to these, one opts for. Furthermore it does not seem to me likely that the final answer will prove to be one of the currently more fashionable interpretations, for were that to be the case, it is hard to see why the best theorists should, after 60 years of the quantum theory, still be so far from unanimity on the technical details of the correct interpretation of the theory. 
  • I am therefore inclined to think that the race to find a finally convincing interpretation of the quantum theory will eventually by won by a rank outsider.